Mancini Angelo Tannery

Since 1964 vegetable tanned crust for heels and soles

Crust for heels and soles factories

The artisan Mancini Angelo tannery specializes in the production of crust hide made from vegetable tanning and used mostly by the best Italian heels and soles producers.

Our company, with decades of experience and tradition, is highly specialized in the artisan processing of back crust and shoulder of ox.

Crust tanning, vegetable tannage

Our processing exclusively involves the use of vegetable and natural tannins for crust tanning, obtained mainly from chestnut and oak plants.

Made in Italy

Our tannery is part of the prestigious Tanneries Association, of the Tanning District of Santa Croce Sull’Arno.

Quality, experience and technology

The combination of quality of our raw materials, our experience of tanners accredited in decades, the cutting-edge technology of our machinery, is all that is needed to obtain the best crust of vegetable tanned hide.

Our customers know, how much passion and care we put into our work.


High quality of raw materials and final product.


Decades of passion and care in the work handed down over time.


Cutting-edge technology of machinery and equipment.

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