Vegetable tannage in Tuscany

Ancient artisan methods of vegetable tannage

Vegetable tannage with tannin

Our vegetable tannage with tannin is made with natural methods and we use only tannins of vegetable origin that give to the hide crust, colors and unique shades, ranging from the lightest to the darkest, mainly aimed at the production of heels and soles.

Our vegetable tannage is guarantee of natural products that preserve all the characteristics of the raw material, with the addition of a long resistance to time and to the bad weather.

The tannin used in our processing is exclusively of vegetable origin and is extracted mainly from chestnut and oak trees.

Tannin, good water, technology and expert hands

The combination of tannin with the raw hide, tanned with ancient systems and skilled hands in special wooden liming drum of the latest generation, allows the creation of a crust, which is part of the best “Made in Italy” footwear products.

The natural treatment of tannin, penetrates into the fibers of the hide, is fixed and prevents deterioration, gives the desired color with shades from light brown to darker brown, preserving over time all the natural characteristics of the hide.

The vegetable tanning is the oldest and most traditional hide processing technique, which guarantees a unique, unmistakable and appreciated product all over the world, with the utmost respect for the environment.

With the passing of time our crust does not lose its natural characteristics.

Our ancient working method enhances the hide of the best products in the footwear industry.


Italian Artisan Quality

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