Crust for heels and soles factories

High quality hide crust

Crust of hide of ox

Our crust is made, from vegetable tannage, with ox hide, cut from the back and from shoulder, coming exclusively from controlled and selected breeding of Europe, mainly from Germany.

The tanning process that we apply is the result of skill and definition of the processing phases gained over the years, combined with the technology of our machines, which allow us to obtain and enhance the true quality of the final product, used every day, by the most important footwear industries of the market.

The characteristic of the back crust is that of being compact and resistant, qualities essential for use in the soles factory and heels.

The color in shades ranging from the lightest to the darkest, is made according to customer preference.

Crust hide with variable thickness

The thickness of the hide is customized and made on request, with measures ranging from 1.8 millimeters to 4 millimeters.

The thickness of our crust is made uniform, leveled and staked according to the preference and type of use that you will have to make of it.

The measures most requested by the heels factory and soles:

  • from 1.8 mm. at 2 mm.
  • from 2 mm. at 2.5 mm.
  • from 2.5 mm. at 3 mm.
  • from 3 mm. at 3.5 mm.
  • from 3.5 mm. at 4 mm.

The roughing and grinding can be requested, on both sides, on one side only or it can be completely excluded, depending on the use and type of glue that will be used to overlap the layers.

Our material is also suitable for dressing heels, sweatband.

Back crust colored

We create back crust dyed for soles in various colors, in shiny and opaque style, with shades and thicknesses according to the taste and preference of the soles factory.


For information, questions or inquiries please contact us, our staff is always at your disposal.